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Cookie Policy

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A legal disclaimer

  • Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites you visit. They are used to store information about your visit, such as your preferences and browsing history.

  • The StarPath Astrology website uses cookies to improve your experience on the website. For example, cookies are used to remember your login information, so you don't have to enter it every time you visit the website. Cookies are also used to track your browsing history, so the website can recommend content that you might be interested in.

  • The StarPath Astrology website also uses cookies to collect analytics data. This data is used to track how people use the website, so that the website can be improved. The data is also used to target advertising.

  • You can choose to disable cookies on your computer. However, this may prevent you from using certain features of the StarPath Astrology website.

  • The StarPath Astrology website's Cookie Policy is compliant with the law. In the United States, the law that governs cookies is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The CCPA requires websites to obtain consent from users before they can collect or use their personal information. The StarPath Astrology website's Cookie Policy complies with the CCPA by providing users with a clear and concise explanation of how cookies are used on the website and by giving users the option to disable cookies.

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