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The Origin Story

StarPath Astrology with Erika Merriweather is a custom-tailored reading that blends traditional astrology with intuitive guidance on how to access your greatest gifts, understand your soul’s emotional growth this lifetime, and align with your life’s journey.

She also provides in-depth chart comparisons, specializing in relationship compatibility and helping parents understand their children’s emotional character and needs through astrology. Her readings are direct, insightful, and deeply supportive to access your best self. 

Erika has studied astrology for many years, and she is known for her intuitive insights, warm hearted approach and direct yet gentle guidance that reaches people of all ages. Her background working for over a decade with renown psychics and shamans, as well as working with children for many years has given her a unique sensitivity and style that is both nurturing and inspiring. 

In addition, Erika is a gifted card reader who has cultivated her own personal reading methods to deliver intuitive and inspiring oracle readings that are a wonderful compliment to an astrology session. 

Erika's Story


“It was an absolute pleasure having Erika present her Astrological expertise at the recent party I held with close friends. All of the guests throughly enjoyed having Erika there and are very interested in getting more in-depth astrology readings. It was such a fun experience and I am looking forward to inviting her to more events I hold in the future!” - Tawney 

Absolute Pleasure

Erika’s way of reading my chart was so unique and well articulated to serve my particular needs at this moment in life. Her charisma and humor have a way of pointing me toward my expansion in a way that I might enjoy myself and the process more. A seriously practical tool to apply to living! She is accurate and concise, and was able to break it all down so I understand where I stand and where I’m going with eagle eyes. I felt beautifully empowered and encouraged by her reading.

~ Nikki

So Unique!

Erika's reading was perhaps the most perfect way to leave 2022 and look forward. I had been gifted a session for the holidays and having had bad experiences with astrology before, I was a little nervous going into things. Erika was reassuring and kind leading up to our appointment, taking care to ask specifics about what I would like to focus on in our reading and to assure me she would take care of me every step of the way. I went into the session guarded due to my past experiences, but the minute she started speaking to me about my chart with enthusiasm and wonder, all my past baggage melted away. 

~ A

Erika Was Reassuring

Erika is an angel and a beautiful reader! The hour I spent with her was all good vibes, deep insights, and many laughs! She works with your chart’s planetary aspects to help you understand your past experiences and how they connect to your soul’s path, while shedding light on the opportunities that these aspects bring for your future. With love and lightheartedness, she identifies any obstacles that may be blocking you from using your special gifts to express yourself and celebrate the magic that you are. Thank you Erika for the shift you caused in me and for the deeper understanding of myself and why I chose this life! 

~ Alex

With Love and Lightheartedness

Erika is amazing! I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have a reading with her. She has a way of bringing to light the things we’d like to hide, in the most gracious, loving, empowering way. She allows you to see that ALL of you is a gift. Even the parts of you that you find challenging or don’t totally understand. Her knowledge of the stars and our connection to them is spot on, so inspired and left me feeling confident in the tool box my soul chose this time around in earth school. She is a gem! If you are here, it is with reason. Big love to you Erika, you are a Goddess and I am grateful to know you! 

~ Nicole

The most gracious, loving, empowering way.

“I strongly recommend Erika, she has done horoscope reading for me over the phone, EVERYTHING she was literally was true.
I love her direct messages, simple language so it’s easy to understand and apply.
She is very talented and very intuitive.
If you need to know yourself more or guidance I feel super happy with her reading and work:)) Thank you Erika!️️”

~ Martine

Very Talented and Very Intuitive.

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