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Family sessions are truly a unique offering from Starpath Astrology. Erika brings a special skill set that combines her deep knowledge of astrology with her decades of experience working with children in art therapy, arts education and as a professional nanny.


There are many aspects of a birth chart that are activated in childhood, which have far reaching impact across a lifetime. As a parent, having an understanding of your child's astrology can be a powerful tool to supporting their growth and development, as well as helping them navigate life's challenges in a way that sparks the child's fullest potential. 


In Erika's family readings, she not only discusses the child's astrology but also the parent's, and the ways in which the birth charts of a family intertwine and compliment one another in order to aide in the development of the soul during this lifetime. 


Erika is adept at reading children's charts to adults, but she also provides astrology readings to all ages, including kids as young as 7 years old in an age appropriate method she has developed that teaches children how to understand themselves through their birth chart in an accesible and fun way. 


Family readings can also be done for multiple generations of a family. Discover your family dynamics and soul paths together for a group of up to 6 family members  (additional fees may apply). 

Erika also provides donation based readings for the parents of non-verbal children. See services page for more information on booking.

Family Astrology

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"Erika is absolutely wonderful with kids. She is fun and authentic, warm and accepting. She connects to kids in a way that is truly magical. I have been wowed on many occasions when I've heard her answer even the trickiest of my childrens' spontaneous questions in such a clear, honest and empowering way. Time spent with Erika is truly a gift for children and grown ups alike. If you are considering a family reading, my advice is DO IT!!! You will be so glad you did." 

Cat B.

I cannot emphasize enough how fantastic my reading with Erika was. Not only did she interpret my chart, she also read my husband’s and my twin boys. She was so intuitive and wise about placements and patterns and helped break it down so it was digestible for us. We processed the information together and she really helped us gain a new level of understanding about our tendencies, the energies at play, and the myriad of characteristics our baby boys will be working with. She is so incredibly skilled!!! A real natural

Daisy R. 

"A family reading with Erika is a fun and enlightening experience for all and brings deep insight into how each member of the family works and the why behind it. We first met with Erika over zoom as a family when our boy/girl twins were 7. Our reading with Erika brought us so much understanding about our children in ways we could not have imagined. This knowledge was, and continues to be, incredibly helpful for us as parents."

Kelly V.

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