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My couples astrology reading with Erika blew me away! I did not know what to except and my husband and I were so moved and touched by our 1 hour session with Erika. She touched on points that were so beyond accurate it was pretty crazy! Her words were so insightful and meaningful for our relationship…My husband and I were in awe. We learned so much about ourselves and also as a couple. Erika is a true expert at what she does. She is so passionate, knowledgeable, and so kind. I can’t recommended her enough!!!  I will be gifting all of my friends with a chart reading by Erika. ~ Monique M

Couples Astrology Reading

Having your chart read by Erika is an amazing experience. She is without question an experienced astrologer with an amazing depth of knowledge and she radiates love, acceptance and wisdom. Her ability to articulate what she sees in your chart and explain real life ways in which you experience your path are spot on. My husband and I loved our readings with Erika so much that we asked her to do a reading for our 7 year old twins. It was awesome! Erika is as talented at speaking with children as she is with adults. By doing the family consultation with Erika, we gained deeper understanding about how our paths as individuals influence our family dynamics, and I feel like we can be better parents because of what we learned during our reading! If you are at all curious about a chart reading, as an individual, a couple or as a family,contact Erika. You will be so glad you did. ~Kelly

An Experienced Astrologer!

Erika went above and beyond to not only tell me about what is in my chart but also how that information could be implemented and internalized. She seemed to intuitively be able to hone in on exactly where I am in my path. Her voice was so soothing and I felt a connection with her immediately on our phone call without ever meeting in person! Highly recommend consulting with Erika and hearing what she has to say. They are words your heart has been yearning to hear.


Above and Beyond!

I've been interested in astrology my whole life. Thus, I've talked to many astrologists and have all the apps on my phone. Erika provides you a birth time and place reading, that which I've received before. However, Erika tailors the reading to be unique to your own experience. After she provides the reading which is spot on, there is time to be interactive with her and she uses her own intuition and psychic ability to help you tap into how to bring your life experience and what your unique soul is meant to do on this earth, not just any other person that happened to be born at the same time and place as you. After the reading, I gained confirmation that I'm doing what my soul was meant to do and it brought me so much comfort and reprieve and most of all Motivation and Support I needed to keep going on my track. As well as ways I can improve my spiritual practice to become more successful or aligned with my journey. Every one of us is truly here to do something very special. And Erika helps you find that... she's such a force of support and guidance. I've been working with her for several years now and I cannot recommend a better astrologer! ~leon

A Force of Support and Guidance!

 I had the most beautiful Mother and Child astrology reading with Erika Merriweather. I got to learn more about my baby boys unique and beautiful design through his astrological chart and how I can better support him with his unique gifts. I love astrology and I am so grateful to be learning more about it, so I may use it and all its wisdom to better navigate this life. I 100% recommend Erika to support you in this discovery, if you feel called. She has such a beautiful way in delivering this information too you in an easily digestible and fun manner. I am so gratful for this gift of a reading.


So grateful for this gift of a reading!

Zodiac Chart

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with an astrology reading by Erika. She is a gifted astrologer who specializes in deep personality characterization and soul path exploration.


She uses her advanced intuitive insights, gained from 10 years of intensive training with Shamans Riz & Oriah Mirza, to help you understand your true nature and purpose.


In your reading, Erika will reveal your natural talents, communication style, and areas of difficulty.


She will also help you to identify the karmic lessons that you are here to learn. Erika's readings are insightful, healing, and fun. She has a talent for connecting with people on a deep level and helping them to find their way home to themselves.

Discover Yourself

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