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Do you want to find out why you do the things you do, make the choices you make and attract the relationships you do?

Blue Surface

for the AGES

with Erika Merriweather

This is the most accurate astrology reading by intuitive reader Erika. She specializes in deep personality characterization and shows you the leanings you have according to your sign. She goes deeper into your soul path than most astrologers and offers 8 years of intensive training by Shamans Riz & Oriah Mirza.

She shows you what your natural talent is predisposed to be, what your communication style is, and what your stages of difficulty are according to your planet configurations. Her readings for individuals, families and children are insightful, healing and fun. She has a talent to reach deeper into your soul path than most. 

Blue Surface

StarPath Astrology with Erika Merriweather is a custom-tailored birth chart reading that blends traditional astrology with intuitive guidance on how to access your greatest gifts, understand your soul’s emotional growth this lifetime, and align with your life’s journey. She also provides in-depth chart comparisons, specializing in relationship compatibility and helping parents understand their children’s emotional character and needs through astrology. Her readings are direct, insightful, and deeply supportive to access your best self. 


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