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Tarot Reading

E.P. & L.P.


Geffen Academy 

City of Santa Clarita


Clara for Daters

Corporate Clients

Event Bookings with Erika

Erika is available as a tarot & oracle card reader for private parties, public & corporate events. She excels at doing readings in high energy, fast paced celebratory environments, and her unique intuitive style is known for delivering impactful readings that are fun & engaging.
For event bookings, email 

Tarot & Oracle Readings

A Unique Intuitive Approach

Erika is a unique tarot & oracle card reader, having created her own methodology for readings using multiple combined decks. Her readings are insightful, refreshing, humorous, and poignant, as she allows herself to be guided into a flow space that is highly interactive with her clients. She can address any topics you would like to gain more clarity and insight upon. across all aspects of life and relationships. 

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