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Zoom PJ Party starts Jan 5, 2022 @ 6pm PST

Do you feel your candle is burning on both ends? Do you feel spirituality and enlightenment is an uphill road? Do you feel like the only one in your world that wants to awaken and experience deeper and richer relationships with yourself and those around you? Are you looking for freedom? Do you need to feel peace in your body? Are you simply curious? You came to the right place.

If you are an experienced healer and want to ask specific questions you are more than welcome to join. Oriah Mirza is a natural-born intuitive and empath, married to trance channel and shaman Riz Mirza and together they have help private healing retreats in the US and abroad for over a decade helping thousands of people find peace. She has five children and has been married several times. Oriah has been to hell and back and is here to share the good news!

Erika Merriweather is an apprentice to Oriah and has blossomed into a very intuitive and gifted astrologer. She brings in the world of dating, relationships and inner dialogue, self-love and acceptance to her work. Go here to find out more about her.

Channel Riz Mirza

My guru Mystic Riz Mirza is known as the only full physical trance channel that can channel different known interdimensional Spirit Guides and give accurate and detailed individual messages to sold-out groups in over 2800 consecutive in-personal spirit gatherings called the 'Circle of Light'. Recorded channeling in public settings around the world in local event studios to private establishments to sacred sites for over 12 years, consecutively (even through Covid with Zoom) and holding the record for over five straight hours of "out of body" channeling to a packed event. No other trance channel in history has done this or has been documented to trance like this.


Riz is one of the most sensitive antennae’s in the human form that allows direct communication from higher intelligence in other dimensions. Tested by many experts in the field, like students of Jane Roberts and many Spirit Medium Students and other Trance Channels. His accuracy and delivery are the most accurate and the most practical usable advice and the most advanced in the world regarding living and re-programming for a healthier more high vibrational life. A musician and former heavy metal singer, Riz is The God Father of Trance Channeling. The Ozzy Osbourne of the psychic world.