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It is my joy to be of service in helping you discover yourself through the stars.

There are many paths to self-discovery, and many modalities of healing, and I believe in exploring any that inspire & resonate with you. 
On my own journey, I've found that diving into our unique astrological birth chart yields amazing and beautiful insights into how we see ourselves, how we navigate this lifetime, what our unique strengths are, our challenges and opportunities for healing and growth, even our creative & expressive gifts...
much of our destiny is written in the stars...but of course it's all about what you do with it. 

I've been studying astrology for over 8 years, and my deepest spiritual training has come as an apprentice to Master Shamans Riz & Oriah Mirza, where I learned the power of belief & creating your reality.
In my prior work, I have worn many hats, from cultural policy analyst for the United States Government, to arts educator for special needs and at risk youth, to long-time nanny for many dear families in Malibu, CA, and as always, a creative artist with many passions in music, art, acting, writing and dance. I believe that we are all multi-faceted beings, and self-expression is a key component to happiness. 
There is deep magic in the stars, and in you. I am here to help you access both. 


Erika Merriweather

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