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Readings by phone or zoom session.
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1 hour - $125

A full introduction to your astrological self, your life path, challenges, life lessons, talents and hidden gifts.

A one hour reading is recommended so there is time for questions & to peer into the upcoming year for your chart. If you would like a half hour, please contact Erika with a specific topic you want to cover. It is simply not enough time to review your entire chart, but we can look at a specific issue and delve into that! 


Comparison  - $175


We compare two persons & how their charts compliment & work with one another. 80 mins.

In each session, I focus on helping you identify your astrological strengths, how to use them to help you overcome the challenges in your chart & soul path, and ultimately understand yourself & your place in the world more fully so you can share your unique gifts and feel empowered as a creator. 

Now Offering Astrology Parties!

Now you can book Erika for an Astrology Party - perfect for holidays, special events, birthdays, bridal and baby showers, Erika provides mini-readings for your guests that are fun, lively & insightful! - contact for rates."


“It was an absolute pleasure having Erika present her Astrological expertise at the recent party I held with close friends. All of the guests throughly enjoyed having Erika there and are very interested in getting more in-depth astrology readings. It was such a fun experience and I am looking forward to inviting her to more events I hold in the future!” - Tawney 

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