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Family Astrology

Did you know that your child's birth chart reveals so much information about who they are, how they process things emotionally, how they listen and learn, as well as important keys to their soul path this lifetime and many clues for how you as the parent can best support and guide them? 


A family reading with Erika looks at the birth charts of parents and children to provide a nuanced and insightful portrait of family dynamics and decode what communication and emotional languages work best for everyone. She identifies the unique astrological relationships between parent and child,  what they bring to each other that sparks the greatest growth and personal development, as well as tools for understanding what works & what doesn't work with specific signs. 


Family Rate : $150 for one hour reading for one child and one or two parents, $35 per additional child. 


*Family readings can also be done for adult children and their parents, siblings, and extended family members. Inquire for rates. 


Reading for your child

Erika has many years of experience helping, mentoring and guiding children for over two decades. She started working with special needs children and at - risk youth in Upstate NY and Washington, D.C in arts programs and then in California as a nanny for multiple families for many years. She has helped and given readings to countless children starting as young as 8 years old. Her natural way with children is a gift, and they feel comfortable and love talking with Erika. She helps children understand their sign, and understand their sibling's signs, and helps them understand some inspirational ways that their sign will develop into. She customizes the chart according to the age of the child. Parents usually like to be close by to listen and they are amazed at how much their children understand and want to know about their own soul path. The reading is comfortable and friendly and stays within the boundaries of a child's ability to comprehend.

Rate: $150 for 60 min reading

Hide and Seek


Working with children and helping parents is one of my greatest joys in life! My readings use the lens of astrology to help you and your kids navigate the journey to adulthood together. 

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"A family reading with Erika is a fun and enlightening experience for all and brings deep insight into how each member of the family works and the why behind it. We first met with Erika over zoom as a family when our boy/girl twins were 7. Our reading with Erika brought us so much understanding about our children in ways we could not have imagined. This knowledge was, and continues to be, incredibly helpful for us as parents."-Kelly V.


"Erika is absolutely wonderful with kids. She is fun and authentic, warm and accepting. She connects to kids in a way that is truly magical. I have been wowed on many occasions when I've heard her answer even the trickiest of my childrens' spontaneous questions in such a clear, honest and empowering way. Time spent with Erika is truly a gift for children and grown ups alike. If you are considering a family reading, my advice is DO IT!!! You will be so glad you did." - Cat B.

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